XOOPS Bot Signup Protection 1.04


XOOPS Bot Signup Protection 1.04 (download):

Have you ever noticed how some programmers have been witting spam bots that automatically sign up to your website. They signup with usernames like newz002344 and so on, this is an implementation of Captcha, that prevents bot and only humans from signing up. All you have to do is unzip into the root of your xoops installation and CHMOD 775/777 the path /uploads/_captcha_tmp/ This required GD2 Library to be installed and utilises one of the better turning keys for registration. It is more of a security patch! It has been tested on xoops 2.0.14 - 2.0.16, unsure if compatible with later versions. ** BUG FIXES ** • True Type Fonts Inc • PHP Server Setting Patched - Some PHP Servers would have a problem with the location of the file, this has been patched to use XOOP_ROOT_PATH


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