WF-Resource v1.03


WF-Resource v1.03 (download):

What is WF-Resource? WF-Resource is the heart and soul of all the WF-Project modules. This module must be installed and kept up to date for all the other WF-Project modules to work correctly. Why this module? The answer is simple and for two reasons: 1. Scalability: Rather than having to add the same functions, classes and other files over and over again within each module. I decided that it would be easier to update and maintain if I included the most used of the above into one module. This keeps the sizes down of all the WF-Project modules and makes development easier and quicker for myself. 2. Compatibility: I have found that over the years, Xoops (And other clones) change, and sometimes Xoops doesn't change in the area's Module developers would like it to change. For this reason I found it prudent to create this library so I can move my modules forward rather than relying on the core code. If something changes within Xoops that break compatibility, I just add the required code to the library. The sad fact is, without this module I would have to release compatible modules just for 2.00 and 2.20 branches alone. I refuse to do this. My time is limited enough and I would rather spent my time developing better quality modules than the same module for different platforms.


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