MakePayment Module v1.14


MakePayment Module v1.14 (download):

Module: Send Money Merchant: Intabill Version: 1.14 Author: Simon Roberts Compatible: All Versions SourceForge: Merchant Signup: Merchant Signup , Reseller Signup This is the final release for makepayment for xoops for handling a payment via the credit cards available with Intabill, you will need to fill out the merchant application contract forms, scan them and email them back to me for me to set up a merchant account with intabill for you. This module utilizes a GPL Soap class library called nuSoap to do the echeck or credit card transactions; with an intabill merchant account you have your own test credit and echeck numbers. Refunds can now be done through the module site admin section. If you want to contact intabill directly, you will need to quote my author name for speedy result as it is listed as a reseller there, intabill details are found at an email for the implementation officer there is Matt Maxwell []. === 1.14 Release Changes === * Sitename Added to Emails === 1.03 Release Changes === * Diners Support Added * Discovery Support Added * Amex Support Added * Admin Fixed Up with Refund Options


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