Classified Ads


Classified Ads (download):

EDIT Note: per author instruction SF link points to authors download page. ---------------------- This will be considered RC3c or version1.0 RC1, like I said I was going to renumber this version. I don't think you need to use the upgrade script if upgrading from RC3b. Although it couldn't hurt. Remember you must be logged in as an administrator to use the upgrade script. How to install You will need to make the following folders writable(chmod 777) : classifieds/photo classifieds/photo/thumbs classifieds/photo/midsize 1. Unzip the file 2. Upload the folder classifieds to your Xoops modules folder. 3. If you want to rename the module do it now, you can't change it after you install the module. 4. Go to Xoops Module Administration and install like normal. 5. Go to Ads Module administration and click on category maintenance, create your categories. 6. Go to Ads Module administration and click on Permissions and set up the following for each category. A. View Ads Permissions - Select which groups can view Ads. B. Ads Submit Permissions - Select which groups can submit Ads. C. Ads Premium - Select which groups can set how long an ad will stay on the site until it is deleted. If they don't have permission it will default to whatever you set in the Ads Module preferences (default is 14 days). 7. Go to Ads Module administration and click on Preferences and set to your liking. That should be it. Upgrading 1. Back up your database. 2. Overwrite the classifieds module with the new files. 3 Point your browser to yoursite/modules/classifieds/admin/upgrade.php, you must be admin to run this script.


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