EFQ Directory [Updated]


EFQ Directory [Updated] (download):

Description: EFQ Directory is a business directory module for XOOPS. EFQ Directory can be used to manage one or more directories. Features: * Manage multiple directories with one module: With EFQ Directory it is possible to manage multiple directories with completely different characteristics. The different directories each have their own set of categories and listings. * Customizable categories: Each category can have its own set of fields. In a library directory for example a listing in the category "Books" will have a field 'ISBN number' while this field should not be available in the category "DVD's". * Manage field types: Several field types can be defined by the administrator, for example: textbox, text area, multiple select box, radio buttons, DHTML text area. * Approve reject submitted listings: Administrators can approve or reject newly submitted listings. Also they can edit listings. * Customizable templates: Administrators can easily adjust the listings templates by the use of sections. Each listing field can be assigned to one of the sections in the template, so that view of a listing can be customized easily by assigning a different section to a category field. * Coupon management: Listing owners can add coupons to their listings. * Flexible directory folder name: To change the default directory name of the module, only the directory name in the xoops_version.php file needs to be changed.


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