XOOPS-BR: Setembro 2002


- Do you want to earn an extra $30 - $100+?
- Would you like to be credited on a company's website for your creation?

Xtr3me Technologies is looking for a theme developer(s) to work closely with the webmaster (xtr3master@xtr3.com) in developing an original theme for our website, which will be used for e-commerce and to also inform visitors about the company.

We currently have a couple logos in .psd format, and would be able to supply the developer with any graphics needed for production of the website. If you think you have what it takes*, and are interested in helping establish a small computer business that builds custom computers and case mods. Please contact me at xtr3master@xtr3.com . You can also contact me via msn messenger (xtr3master@hotmail.com, aol instant messenger (xtr3master), yahoo messenger (xtr3master), or ICQ (169326444).

*Experienced Xoops Theme developer(s) preferred, please include any experience you have with Xoops and/or other CMS...including examples of your work. Experience with php and modules a plus, especially "freecontent" or any related mod.

Xtr3me Technologies, Xtr3.com
One thing that's evident from the upcoming transtion to the Smarty templating system is that creating themes for XOOPS will be much easier. Something that bugged me with Dreamweaver MX is that Smarty variables show up in my design as text so, I put together something to help with this.

This starter kit contains two files (including a readme.txt) that will make Smarty variables change from text in your DW page to little S tags like the one's you see when including PHP tags. This will help visually with creating your themes.

In the future, I'll release a more complete package with a small tutorial and all the Smarty variables relevant to designing themes.

Let me know what you think,
aka Boobtoob
OK, so now I've ironed out the bugs... everything is in working order! The theme that you produce using my tutorial should now work properly with no weird extended tables.

I recommend to anyone that downloaded v1 to download v2 and re-create their theme. I appologize once again for any inconvenience.
Download HERE


Just simple hack the whosonline module for easy to read,(tested the hack is compatibe with RC3.0.4/3.0.5) ..feature add the icon and separate the member from guest.include English and Tchinese language files..

Download here
New EADJ Theme 2.1 for rc304/305 release for download is ready..
Download here
Cheers, Ric
I have updated the news expiry hack

-Tested the hack for RC3.0.5 compatibility;
- Extended the changelog on the readme.txt, now every code adition and change is fully listed (so now you can incorporate the hack into your own modules and hacks);
- Done some small code and archive cleanups.

There now are two versions of this hack: one 'simple' version that just adds the option to set an expiry date to news posts, and one 'advanced' version with FinalFiler's WYSIWYG editor integrated.
Link for zip file of hack WITH wysiwyg integration.Link for the updated zip file of the original news hack.
Hope you enjoy these hacks


p.s.: ModsCentral link to wysiwyg editor by FinalFiler, without expiry date hack.
Hi everyone! My new Xoops-based website was put up this morning! It's called MKunite and can be found here: http://www.mkunite.com/index.php

The goal of MKunite is to bring together Missionary Kids from around the world. The team at MKunite is comprised of Missionary Kids themselves who understand just how much we all want to find our old, long-lost friends. MKunite is quickly becoming the place where MKs can find their old friends, share photos, tell stories, and have a great time!


A new Site in Basque language has been xoopsed. Can be downloaded the basque language file and get help in basque in xoops related things.
Euskal Xoops

Turboweb.net Is offering pre-installed xoops websites beginging at only $7.95/mo

15% of prceeeds from Xoops sites hosted @ turboweb.net will be donated to the xoops developer team.

Use the promo code "DOUBLEDOUBLE" to get double disk & double bandwidth! No setup, no transfer fees and 30 days free
I have made a easy mod to make page in XooPs,It is using wysiwygeditor, so it's for IE only..

You can make:
Pages with auto link in sideblock.
A singel Startpage. (home.php).
Upload images to a mini gallery.
Pre made boxes with css (/easyweb/include/easyweb.css)

You can grab it here..RC3.0.5 or CVS
Have funn..


1 Gig disk space
10 Gig bandwidth

One Click Install
PHP Links
PHP project
4image Gallery
PHP Auction

SQL DB's: unlimited
Email Accounts: unlimited
Mailing Lists: unlimited
Auto Resp: unlimited
WebMail Acess
Anonymous FTP
FrontPage Extensions
Control Panel: CPanel 5.0
Raw Logs
Web Stats
PHP 4.2.1
Perl 5
CGI Wrap
Cron Jobs
Custom error pages

1Goodhost's servers are located in one of
the largest and most fault tolerant
networks in the United States.
Our connections to Internet backbones
are maintained at redundant data centers
located in NJ and NYC, connecting directly
to most of the major networks including Sprint,
Earthlink, UUNET, Genuity, Level 3, PSI, Digex,
AOL, and many others.

15 day money back guarantee. 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Support via email, phone, and multimedia.
PayPal verified
Contact sales@1goodhost.com
Ever wonder what search engines are really looking for? Well, after debating with a friend what SE's are really looking at, I went on a hunt to find some answers.

What I found was a site called Spider-food.net that does a great job (IMHO) explaining what is and isn't effective in getting placement in SE's. What was even more interesting is how spiders read your site and the affect tables have so, read on to learn more.
myBooks 2.0 and gsdownloads 2.0 are now available form www.giantspider.biz. Many bug fixes have been included and a comprehensive graphically based ratings system has been added to each module. Regards, The GiantSpider

RC3.0.5 is released to fix a security vulnerability recently posted on Bugtraq ML.

There was a vunerability when a user previews/submits a news in the News module, HTML tags were allowed to process.

All users are strongly recommended to download the following packages and upgrade to this version.
New UsersDownload Full RC3.0.5 PackageRC3.0.4 UsersDownload RC3.0.4->RC3.0.5 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.4->RC3.0.5 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)
RC3.0.3 UsersDownload RC3.0.3->RC3.0.4 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.4->RC3.0.5 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.3->RC3.0.4 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)Download RC3.0.4->RC3.0.5 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)
RC3.0.2 UsersDownload RC3.0.2->RC3.0.3 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.3->RC3.0.4 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.4->RC3.0.5 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.2->RC3.0.3 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)Download RC3.0.3->RC3.0.4 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)Download RC3.0.4->RC3.0.5 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)
RC3.0.1 UsersDownload RC3.0.1->RC3.0.2 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.2->RC3.0.3 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.3->RC3.0.4 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.4->RC3.0.5 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.1->RC3.0.2 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)Download RC3.0.2->RC3.0.3 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)Download RC3.0.3->RC3.0.4 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)Download RC3.0.4->RC3.0.5 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)
RC3.0.0 UsersDownload RC3.0.0->RC3.0.1 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.1->RC3.0.2 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.2->RC3.0.3 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.3->RC3.0.4 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.4->RC3.0.5 Upgrade Package (zip)Download RC3.0.0->RC3.0.1 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)Download RC3.0.1->RC3.0.2 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)Download RC3.0.2->RC3.0.3 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)Download RC3.0.3->RC3.0.4 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)Download RC3.0.4->RC3.0.5 Upgrade Package (tar.gz)

From this release, users are not allowed to use HTML tags when posting news/comments. As for forum posts, users can still use HTML as long as HTML tags are enabled in the posting forum. However, we advise you to always disable HTML posts in forums as well.


myReviews v2.0 is available from the downloads section of www.giantspider.biz.

Updates include: allowing HTML in all text boxes, review graphs that look very similar to the graphs used in the Polls module, review subcategories per product and numerous bug fixes for link displays and the random review feature. I have also consolidated reviews and ratings features to a single page, and I have taken out most of the vestiges of the other modules (gsdownloads and myBooks) that seemed to be lingering in the myReviews module. The functionality of myReviews will be incorporated into myBooks and gsdownloads shortly.


The GiantSpider
This site is dedicated to all things relating to Microsoft's Internet Information Server & was setup for those of us that have to support IIS or for those of you just getting into it. The information provided on this site has been garnered over the past 6 years supporting IIS implementations at places such as Cap Gemini America, GTE Internetworking, Aurion Technologies, CitiCorp, & Ericsson Wireless.

Please drop bye & don't forget to sign the guestbook.


I really don't have any idea if these translations were already out there, but i translated these three modules for my site so i thought i'dd share them with you:

My Album Dutch : HerePP-News Dutch : HereWebChat Dutch : Here


Hey everyone,

Xoops is coming out of the 'shadows', and 'hitting the road!' This week, I will be presenting Xoops at the Open Source Content Management http://www.oscom.org/conferences/berkeley2002/program.php At the University of Berkley, this Thursday at 2pm.

I will be part of a panel along with Gregor a former developer from PN, showcasing our two systems. Come and check out the panel. On Friday we will present my website EclipseMagazine.com as a case study on Community Management and implimentation.

If you ever wanted to find out how to use Xoops to impliment a large community, or know how to market and build your community, this is the workshop for you. During the workshop, I will answer any question you have regarding running and manage community based sites.

Michelle A.


DJNews24.net got a new face :) check it out and left me an comment at guestbook!!

As of late, many people have been requesting a revised
roadmap and were happy to say, it's here! As everyone
in the Opensource (OS) community understands, this
will of course be tentative plans for the next few
releases of Xoops.
XOOPS Version 1 Roadmap


News release for the top:
bugs fixed, Multilanguage included (french and english), new block added, Optimized anti-spam, Stats of the votes since the admin of the module (still in test...) and much more

downloads HeRe
Sorry for my english
Then here are, that I received the files languages here the 3 blocks (news, downloads & links).
Thanks to w4z004, liya, to the traduction

These block make it possible to see the total, the number of the hits, and the last and them + in each desired categories. The Block are ├â┬®ditables since the admin via the panel of management of the block (activated or not the scrolling, in which direction, and the desired number)
Beer mug it Here


A smooth light 100% width theme with soft blue tones all around the pages will turn your Xoops 1.0 RC3 site into professional corporate style and loads fast! hey it's FREE! both for commercial or non, Enjoy!

Grab it HERE
hi everyone,
I've created a category module.

You can link News to a category, so you can access them by topic (in the demo:offices), or by category (in the demo:procedures, users list...), like phpnuke.

demo: http://batdevis.it/bdcat01download: http://batdevis.it/bdcategories.tar.gzemail: webmaster@batdevis.it

There were a few bugs in these files when I released the versions 1.1. I apologize for this, but that's the nature of software production. Thanks to everyone for your helpful comments. If you donwloaded these files before about 19:00 GMT on 2002.9.18, then these files contained a problem with the submit file function, which has since been fixed. You can download a new version of these files here. --The GiantSpider.

I have created a replacement download module. The upgraded module includes the following features:

Upload files to server
Complete administrations
Review downloads
Rate downloads
Editorial for downloads

Download a copy here.


I have created a generic Reviews module. You can download version 1.1 - HERE -.

Neosurge Advanced Web Hosting Solutions in partnership with ViPixel.com, Ivory-Tower.net, portalzine.de and probannerads.com, has emerged as a new choice in web hosting.

Neosurge has opened it's doors for business today. All hosting packages offer Xoops as a preinstalled option, with full technical 24/7 support for any questions that may arise. We are offering a wide array of web hosting packages and services with hosting starting from just 9.99$/month.
Dedicated to the italian bikers who like the famous Suzuki GSF Bandit,
Bandit.it, on-line since september 2001 starting with simple HTML
language and ASP pages, it now XOOPSed, and the new system is really
boosting its perfomances!
With the advanced features of XOOPS the hits are increased of 100% in
one month, and the visitors has founded in the new site all interaction
functionality they need. Chat, Forum and others XOOPS' modules (such as
news and pools) give their contribuition to make the last Bandit Meeting
a success.
The 'light' structure of XOOPS and the support of the entire team ofwww.xoops.it , make the management of
the site easier and faster.

Themecentral.com closes the theme repository for PHPNuke, PostNuke and also XOOPS. So at the end of the month no free themes will be available there, except these themes, which were built by the TC team.

After a long discussion within the TC team we have setup a roadmap for the 'NEW TC'.

If you want to see what new features are coming, what's not changing and what TC can do for you in the future go on reading at themecentral.com.
More Infos: Article at themecentral.com


I have completed myBooks v 1.0. You can download it The GiantSpider.here.

New features include:
Full extension administration.
Variable number of extensions.
Random book.
Rate book.
Review book.
Write an editorial for a book.
Read reviews.
Submit a book.
Upload a book file to the Web server.
Manage extensions allowed for uploaded files.
Configure upload directory.

Enjoy this mod.

Friend Finder version 3+ has been released today.
Fully rewritten from the ground up, the newest version has user requested features added and comes in several languages. (more added soon)

This version can be regionalised for your local area.
The New Release is available from => MODSCENTRAL.COM <=
Read on for more details

Some of the added features:
- Completly rewritten now in php
- search.php will inform if no data has been found.
- three new tabels has been added for state, category and sex
- admin Area select.php has been added to fill the new tables and so the selectboxes
- deletion of the pics. When a profile is deleted the pic and the folder will be removed
- Admin mail. The Admin or the user you selected for new xoops users will be informed when new profile is added.
- Online detection added. When your a watching a profile you can see in the person is on or offline.
- Added private messaging feature for xoops users.
- new lang files have been added
- some bugs have been fixed.
The New Release is available from => MODSCENTRAL.COM <=


a new block for xoops:
With this block you can see the total files, the numbers of categories which you have, and numbers of time downloaded!
there is also a scrolling with activated or not according to your desires with the recent files, and the files more download with the numbers of hits and obviously the bond for go above!
Thank you in Kyex for the blow of hand
The block is multilanguage, French and English!
It is visible on Inconnueteam in the left-hand column if you want it in telechargement?? let it to me know ok


After launching serverinfo we did have about 50 downloads. We discovered some bugs and fixed them.
You can re-download or download them:

Download place #1Download place #2
Win32 versionUnix version


I am continuing to develop the myBooks module. It is currently a work in progress with some of the features not fully implemented.

When it is finished, the myBooks module will be a fully functional and configurable ebook module for your Xoops site. You can download a copy of v 0.3.0 from my website, here.


Friend Finder Version 3+ is near ready for release, we require people to do some translation work on the module so we can add then for release.

So far we have English, German, Spanish & Russian, we would like as many as possible before release.

Please let me know if you can contribute.

Thank you


In the next release, we will be implementing an enhanced block system so as to take full advantage of powerful Smarty functions.

In the new block system, you can:

1) Select for each block, which module page the block should be displayed. For example, you can display 'Topics Block' only in the News module pages, 'Login Block' in all pages, 'Site Info Block' in Partners and WebLinks pages, etc.

2) Cache any block, and set the cache lifetime for each block. For example, you can set the cache time to 60 seconds for the 'Recent Discussion in the Forums' block. Or maybe you can set the cache lifetime to a much larger value for 'search block', since it normally does not get updated at all.
This should considerably lighten the load on the server, since a cached block does not need to be processed at all nor issue mysql queries to be displayed.

3) Select which block template to use for each block. For example, if there are 5 block template files in a theme, you have 5 options to choose from for each block to use as its template file.

We are still testing these features, and there may be some more changes at the time of actual release..but hope you'll like it


A new module: it is a module presenting of the small plays in flash but the advantage it is that the plays are on the waiters thus + fast... There are also the mutilanguage for the French moment and english..

if other translators Please , warn me by mail with the file translates with kotshiro@hotmail.comYou can see it HeReand chop├â┬® here FLaSh gAmEs leave a small word that will give pleasure thank you


Well , first, sorry for me bad english.

If you would like to be added to Xoops Sub-teams post a reply to this article.

We are looking:

1 - Beta Testers : People that know a little of coding and have time to evaluate and test new features.

2 - Support Sites : We have a number of support sites already but if you live in a country with a language that not have a support site yet and would like to be added..... post a comment.

3 - Module Creators : Module migration and bug fixing.

4 - Designers : that know xhtml transitional and strict, too with a good manage of css.
And graphic Artist.

Please have a little of patient i go to contact with all.
And if i'm reply to the comment with a emailing or contacting and not receive me mail, please send me a mail.

And Remember that just in this momment Xoops are in the middle of a big transition. The next RC3.1 go to have Mayor conceptual changes.
Korean language pack for XOOPS v1 RC3 has been added to our localization page for download. Thanks to the webmaster of http://webkim.co.kr/ for providing us the translation.

The last realase of inconent is available on http://www.thenetspace.com and on the xoops site.

With incontent you can include easly and atomaticaly html content in the nice xoops design.

Sorry but the manual is not translated in english but it will come soon..


After working Day and night we (Jan304 and w4z004) managed to combine 2 modules in one. We both did found on the internet 2 beautiful programs.

They have there own spec., for example sysinfo only works with unix related servers and sysinfo only works with win32 combined with apache (not IIS). We were thinking of combining it and then make it a xoops module by modulizing it. We did!

Here are the links to download:
Download place #1Download place #2
Please report bugs with the pm system.
Do NOT e-mail us. This makes the life only more complicated...


The new Ecards version went out: In the menu corrections of small bugs and maintaining the module is multilanguage, at the moment French and english!

If there are translators of the other countries sent I a mail with the file joined to the following address: kotshiro@hotmail.com
thank you for adapting this nice, easy to use and allways working thumbnailgalery that you can see at
nice galery without problems!!!
ekke from www.audimaxx.net[/url]


Here is the new version of my guestbook
New functionnality are :
- New fields : NOTE , which allow webmaster to add a note on each guestbook message
- Possibility to moderate or not the guestbook, which seems this modules should be use for many other things than a guestbook
- Multiples bug corrections.

For upgrading an old version :
Launch this 3 query one by one before having changed your prefix :
ALTER TABLE `xoops_xtremguestbook` ADD `note` LONGTEXT AFTER message
ALTER TABLE `xoops_xtremguestbook` ADD `moderate` TINYINT(1)
UPDATE xoops_xtremguestbook SET moderate=0

Comments, critics or suggestions appreciated Thanks a lot to all guys who help me to traduce.

Download HERE
Languages : english, french, danish, german, italian, japanese, nederlands, polski ,chinese , spanish, tchinese.


the errormodule is updated for rc304.
see it in action on http://www.coconutcity.com, the community for fun, fiesta and polynesians in europe.download on http://www.sourceforge.net

Interactive story / fan fiction archive. Including rating, reviews, add-to-story, categories and more.

• d e m o •

• d o w n l o a d •


A small module which allows to send a card mail in the html size(format) in the mailbox of a friend. You should have the function mail () activated and the librairie gd alsosee it HEREAnd downloads it HERE